Junk of the Heart

Photo Sep 11-5

Photo Sep 11-7

Photo Sep 11-9

Photo Sep 11-2

Photo Sep 11

Photo Sep 11-4

Photo Sep 11-6

Photo Sep 11-3

Photo Sep 11-8


I Love H81 Acid Washed Jean Jacket

Divided Black Heart Pink Dress

Steve Madden Oxford Shoes

Mysticum Luna Black Onyx Crystal Velvet Choker

Hematite Chain Bracelet

Wow guys, college is great! I love the classes, I love the people, and I love the food! I think the most difficult thing about it, is trying not to get too involved! Anyways, this will be my last apology for lack of posting because I now officially have a photographer! Her lovely name is Eileen Choe and I am extremely excited to have more shoots with her! I’m sure after looking at the photos, you probably agree with me.

So another reason why I absolutely love my college, is because of the incredible scenery! These photos were actually taken right next to a hall. I know, wow. Anyways, I went for a more modern vintage look. I think this is such an adorable dress and I decided to wear my favorite acid-washed jacket over it because I really liked the color contrast. Then, I added black of course. I threw on some knee highs and my new oxfords since oxfords add a little class to everything. Then, my favorite part of the outfit: the accessories. I wore an elegant black hat with a bow in the back, my black onyx crystal choker, and a hematite bracelet that I am currently obsessed with. Jewelry has kind of been my thing lately. Most of my favorites can actually be found at Mysticum Luna. They have such unique pieces!

Lastly, I am currently taking a theology class called Scripture as Script, where I am actually supposed to find murals in Los Angeles and analyze them. I’m definitely going to explore and I can’t wait to show you what I find! So until next time, my friends!


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