Have Faith in Me

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Featured Album: Common Courtesy by A Day to Remember


A Day to Remember Band Tee

Forever 21 Acid Washed Cutoff Shorts

Earl Jean Olive Jacket

Dr. Martens 1490 Classic Burgundy Boots

Hematite Chain Bracelet

Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

Hey there! I am honestly so happy with life right now, mainly because I got to see four of my favorite bands at the Parks and Devastation tour! The bands there were A Day to Remember, Bring Me the Horizon, Chiodos, and Motionless in White. They put on a heck of a show! Jeremy, the vocalist from A Day to Remember, was rolling over the crowd in a human-sized hamster ball… I know, CRAZY! They performed one of my favorite songs (which I was wearing the shirt of) and so there I was, sitting on someone’s shoulders listening to one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands while wearing the matching shirt. The feeling was incredible! Needless to say, it was definitely “a day to remember.”

Now onto the look! I wore my lovely Have Faith in Me band tee with acid washed cutoff shorts and tights. I was debating whether I should cut the shirt or not and decided not to, but I might still do it and feature it in a later look. Anyways, I wore this jacket which is one of my favorites! I throw it on over practically any outfit. I like that it looks more army styled and simple. I thought it went great with the shorts and bracelet. Then, to finish off the look, I wore my usual burgundy docs, which I feel like I can wear anytime I put on my dark red lipstick. I love wearing anything olive green or burgundy, which you’ll probably notice eventually if you haven’t all ready.

That’s all folks! I recommend you check out A Day to Remember. It’s not exactly your typical radio music. It’s a part of the post-hardcore genre so it may not be your thing at first. But who knows, maybe you’ll love them!


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