You’ve Got Time

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OOTD: Ray Ban Army Wayfarers

Dr. Martens Classic Black Boots

Hot Topic Jewelry

Lately, I’ve really been into florals. I guess since it’s everywhere nowadays. Anyways, I fell in love with these pants and planned according to them. Plus, I really wanted to wear my army green wayfarers! I’ll be wearing them more often (hopefully). I also threw on some accessories and a beanie because why not?

So I must confess, my latest obsession has been the Netflix series, Orange is the New Black. I don’t watch television shows often but somehow I got into this one. It is about a thirty year old woman, Piper, who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of assisting her drug-dealing girlfriend. This takes place years after her relationship ended and she now has a male fiancé. Yeah, then drama kicks in.  The prison part doesn’t seem very realistic (I’m pretty sure prison is far much worse in real life), but the characters in it are too entertaining! I normally can’t stand to watch girl drama but this show is addicting. I wouldn’t recommend having younger ones watch it because there are quite a few inappropriate scenes, but it’s overall a great show. Plus, the theme song is amazing! So if you’re looking for a good show to watch or you want to find a way to kill time, check it out!


Good Times Bad Times

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OOTD: Vans Burgundy Hat

Vans Floral Shoes

Ray-Ban  Black Wayfarers

Unorthodox Sox  Black Socks


Today was pretty relaxing. I got my first official drum lesson and afterwords, I went for a small bike ride with my cousins. We stopped by at a local park, hence the picture of an awesome tree. Anyways, today I wore another casual outfit. I wore a baseball tee because I loooove baseball tees. Then I paired up my Vans shoes with my Vans hat and wore my favorite pair of Unorthodox Sox. What is Unorthodox Sox? It is a sock company created by two high school sophomores that attended my alma mater. I have to admit, these socks are extremely comfortable! I have even washed them several times and am impressed that they still look good as new! I definitely recommend picking up a pair. Dig the look? Dig the socks? Feel free to comment below!

Surround You

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OOTD: H&M Denim Shirt

Converse All Star Low Top Shoes

Echosmith Tank Top


Album:  Echosmith – Talking Dreams


I went for a very casual denim on denim look today since I had work. I bought this tank at the Vans Warped Tour this year since it was my 5th time seeing Echosmith live. Yes, 5th time… I was first introduced to the band at the Warped Tour Kick-Off Party in 2013. They were one of the local opening bands and I fell in love INSTANTLY. At the time, they only had three original songs out and not a huge fan base. A year later, they came out with a full album and they’re making it big! Their music videos have been shown on MTV and TeenNick. Before, my friend and I used to be the only people in the crowd who knew their lyrics. Now, we’re one of many! It’s crazy witnessing a band grow so quickly. I’ve had an album and several posters autographed by them. Their music is just so catchy and give off nothing but good summer vibes. If you’re looking for something happy and chill to listen to, check them out! See them live and meet them if you can, too! They’re all really awesome people and the vocalist, Sydney Sierota, is absolutely adorable and has an incredible sense of style! Let’s put it this way, she wears creepers!

A Dustland Fairytale

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Location: Palm Springs, California


OOTD: Divided Crop Tee

Forever 21  Headband

Ray-ban Aviator Sunglasses

Vans Fringe Bag

Dr. Marten Classic Black Boots



Palm Springs is still hot. But fun nonetheless! I visited this cool hat store and bought a new black hat (although I was so tempted to buy a pizza or hot dog hat). Then next to the hat store, there was a soda pop and candy shop called Rocket Fizz. It was so neat inside! It had every soda flavor imaginable (ranging from bacon to zombie guts). The style of the store was very 50’s Hollywood with a long red carpet at the entrance. I think my favorite part of the store was that it had a bunch of awesome posters on the wall. If you ever go to Palm Springs, check it out!

So for today I decided to throw on a crop tee, headband, and fringe bag. It’s a more simple look but I honestly just didn’t want to die of heat exhaustion! Hope you like!

March Into The Sun

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Location: Palm Springs, California

OOTD: Ray-ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Staring at Stars  Top

Dr Martens Classic Black Boots

Vacation time is here! I am currently in Palm Springs drinking strawberry lemonades, eating ice cream, and soaking up the sun. The weather is a bit unbearable but that’s what air conditioning and the pool are for! I spent my first day here relaxing in the pool and then went out to eat dinner at a restaurant called Azul. It was bingo night! Unfortunately, by the time I finished eating, bingo night was about to end so instead, I watched the older folks finish their game while my cousin and I played pool. Overall, it was a nice day!

Now onto the look. I found this shirt at Urban Outfitters for $5, but you’re not going to believe how much the original price was… $49!! How did I get such a deal? Luck, I guess. All sale items were 50% off but the shirt was basically 90% off. So check out their sale section every now and then! You never know what you might find!

Once Upon A Dream

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OOTD: Floral Shirt

Dr Martens Classic Burgundy Boots


Movie: Maleficent


The look today was very casual. I would like to tell you what brand this shirt is, but I bought it at Goodwill and the tag was cut off. But hey, for a $5 shirt, I’m not complaining! Then of course I threw on some docs because they’re comfy and you can never go wrong with docs!

So today I woke up early to see Maleficent because it’s actually cheaper to see movies before noon. If you’ve never heard of that, call your local AMC Theater and ask! Instead of being $12, it cost me $7.50. It was definitely worth it! Aurora has always been my favorite Disney princess and oddly, Maleficent has always been my favorite Disney villain. If I could rate this movie on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being absolutely amazing, I would give it a good 7.5. I loved it! There were a few fighting scenes and tree beasts that reminded me of the ones from The Lord of the Rings. Anyways, it’s supposed to be the “true story” behind Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent wasn’t some greedy freak with horns, but a misunderstood fairy (I know, it sounds very childish). Throughout the movie, you see a different side of her and you end up loving her by the end of it. I thought Angelina Jolie did a great job playing Maleficent. Plus, I’m no make up expert, but WOW. I loved her look! It may not be movie of the year, but I definitely recommend watching it.



Born Free







OOTD: Cotton On Patterned Shirt

Charlotte Russe Refuge Red Pants

Converse White All Stars

Happy Independence Day! Every 4th of July, I think about one of my favorite movies, The Sandlot. It’s a movie about these kids who play baseball at their neighborhood sandlot. It takes place back in 1962 and makes me wish I could live in that time when although there was still discrimination then, people took pride in their country and themselves (not that they don’t now), but they seemed more united and lived freely. Not to mention, the style then was too amazing! Anyways, I brought the movie up because I’ve always wanted to experience this scene in there where the kids go to their neighborhood block party and there are fireworks everywhere and the neighbors are barbecuing for anyone and everyone. Not to mention, Ray Charles’ America the Beautiful is playing in the background and it just gives off this happy vibe.

Anyways, today was pretty exciting! I went to my aunt’s house for a barbecue and pool party. The weather was scorching hot but perfect for the pool! Then we lit a few fireworks (sorry Earth, I’m not trying to kill you). Overall, I had a fun time with family. As for the look, I couldn’t help but dress in the all-american red, white, and blue. I found this tank at Cotton On for $5 in the sale section and I couldn’t resist! Going back to the whole 1960’s look, I topped on a white bandana head band and converse. I tried to go for a more “Rosie the Riveter” look. Although that came out before the 60’s, it yells out unity and strength to me. What could be better for a national holiday?

Is that a chihuahua in my picture? While I was taking these shots, my dog came in and started to photobomb the pictures. I guess she wanted in on the celebration! I feel so bad for dogs on the 4th of July. The sound of fireworks are loud and they freak out every time! I felt like blasting loud music to distract her. I hear that actually works for some dogs.. Anywho, dig the look? Dig the movie? Dig the dog? Let me know and always feel free to comment!

Glad To See You Go




OOTD: Dolce & Gabbana Optimal Lenses

Cotton On Ramones T-Shirt

Forever 21 Acid Washed Pants

TUK Classic White Creepers

I got my new glasses yesterday! I love them and they give me this little “cat eye” effect. Anyways, I was supposed to go pick up the glasses and find a few gifts but instead, while I was waiting for my glasses to get polished, I gave into my self-shopping temptation… Oops. I found this T-Shirt at Cotton On for $5! Talk about a steal! I love the Ramones (who doesn’t?) so I planned around this shirt and went for a more 80’s punk rock look, so of course I had to throw in acid washed pants and creepers! Hope you like!


OOTD: Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses
LA Hearts Striped Turtleneck Crop Tank
Frenchi  Black Blazer
Kimchi Blue Brown Purse
Dr. Martens Classic Black Boots

Albums: The Clash – London Calling
Joy Division – Still
The Strokes – Is This It
Peter Bjorn and John – Writer’s Block

I visited Hollywood a week ago and gosh I can’t tell you how much I love it there. I went primarily to visit my favorite music store, Amoeba. I picked up some used CDs for no more than $5-$6! I’ve been wanted these CDs for a while now. Afterwards, I couldn’t help but check out a couple of thrift stores! I went to Out of the Closet and Iguana Vintage Clothing and man… I found more than I was hoping to find, and everything I found was no more than $12! I bought a bunch of used Levi’s cutoff shorts, a cute striped skirt, a corset top, and large men’s shirts. I don’t know why, but I’ve been digging men’s shirts lately. Anywho, I’m so excited to wear some of these pieces and show you what I come up with!

Little Thoughts

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Location: Redondo Beach Pier

OOTD: Jones New York Patterned Blazer

Dr. Martens Classic Burgundy Boots

A while back, I bought this incredible patterned blazer and fell in love COMPLETELY. For some odd reason, it’s been hiding in the back of my closet and I decided to whip it out. Instead of traditionally wearing it in a professional sense, I wore it over my casual outfit. I took these photos a few months back when the winds were hitting the California coast pretty hard, so I wanted to dress warm! For those of you who don’t live near the ocean, it gets pretty windy and cold. It probably wasn’t a good idea for me to wear the fedora hat either because it just kept flying everywhere! Oh well, lesson learned. Anywho, let me know what you think!