photo 4


Location: Orange County Fair


I apologize again for my lack of consistency in posts. I’ve just been really busy catching up with friends and family lately. Anyways, I went to the Orange County Fair! It was my first time going there and I was surprised by how much there is to do! Farm animals, fried food, freshly grown fruits and veggies, carnival games and rides, live music and performances, art galleries, and just about anything else that defines California.

What did I do? I got a henna tattoo of a lotus flower that I am thinking about getting as an actual tattoo.. So let me know what you think! I also tried fried Oreos and chocolate wrapped bacon. It sounds really gross but it’s actually pretty amazing! Although, I’m sure every bite was slowly contributing to my death.. It amazed me how much fried food there was. Fried ice cream, avocados, coke, even fried bacon wrapped pickles! So yes, the food was great.

One more of my highlights was the art gallery. I posted some of my favorite paintings. Another cool thing about it was that there was a counter full of vintage cameras! I’m talking so old that I couldn’t even figure out where someone is supposed to look through or how to take an actual shot. It was pretty fascinating!

Anyways, if you live in/near Orange County or you decide to visit next summer, you should definitely spend a day at the fair. It’s a perfect place to pig out and have fun!


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