Once Upon A Dream

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OOTD: Floral Shirt

Dr Martens Classic Burgundy Boots


Movie: Maleficent


The look today was very casual. I would like to tell you what brand this shirt is, but I bought it at Goodwill and the tag was cut off. But hey, for a $5 shirt, I’m not complaining! Then of course I threw on some docs because they’re comfy and you can never go wrong with docs!

So today I woke up early to see Maleficent because it’s actually cheaper to see movies before noon. If you’ve never heard of that, call your local AMC Theater and ask! Instead of being $12, it cost me $7.50. It was definitely worth it! Aurora has always been my favorite Disney princess and oddly, Maleficent has always been my favorite Disney villain. If I could rate this movie on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being absolutely amazing, I would give it a good 7.5. I loved it! There were a few fighting scenes and tree beasts that reminded me of the ones from The Lord of the Rings. Anyways, it’s supposed to be the “true story” behind Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent wasn’t some greedy freak with horns, but a misunderstood fairy (I know, it sounds very childish). Throughout the movie, you see a different side of her and you end up loving her by the end of it. I thought Angelina Jolie did a great job playing Maleficent. Plus, I’m no make up expert, but WOW. I loved her look! It may not be movie of the year, but I definitely recommend watching it.




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