Born Free







OOTD: Cotton On Patterned Shirt

Charlotte Russe Refuge Red Pants

Converse White All Stars

Happy Independence Day! Every 4th of July, I think about one of my favorite movies, The Sandlot. It’s a movie about these kids who play baseball at their neighborhood sandlot. It takes place back in 1962 and makes me wish I could live in that time when although there was still discrimination then, people took pride in their country and themselves (not that they don’t now), but they seemed more united and lived freely. Not to mention, the style then was too amazing! Anyways, I brought the movie up because I’ve always wanted to experience this scene in there where the kids go to their neighborhood block party and there are fireworks everywhere and the neighbors are barbecuing for anyone and everyone. Not to mention, Ray Charles’ America the Beautiful is playing in the background and it just gives off this happy vibe.

Anyways, today was pretty exciting! I went to my aunt’s house for a barbecue and pool party. The weather was scorching hot but perfect for the pool! Then we lit a few fireworks (sorry Earth, I’m not trying to kill you). Overall, I had a fun time with family. As for the look, I couldn’t help but dress in the all-american red, white, and blue. I found this tank at Cotton On for $5 in the sale section and I couldn’t resist! Going back to the whole 1960’s look, I topped on a white bandana head band and converse. I tried to go for a more “Rosie the Riveter” look. Although that came out before the 60’s, it yells out unity and strength to me. What could be better for a national holiday?

Is that a chihuahua in my picture? While I was taking these shots, my dog came in and started to photobomb the pictures. I guess she wanted in on the celebration! I feel so bad for dogs on the 4th of July. The sound of fireworks are loud and they freak out every time! I felt like blasting loud music to distract her. I hear that actually works for some dogs.. Anywho, dig the look? Dig the movie? Dig the dog? Let me know and always feel free to comment!


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